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Over the summer, I abandoned the retinol product I was using because it caused my (already sun-sensitive) skin to break out in nasty, painful hives.


Notice the fan I’m wielding above? That’s because it was over 100 degrees in the Tuscan countryside. I was slathering on SPF during the day, and straight argan oil at night to heal my parched skin. Anti-aging was my last concern.

Come fall, I was dreading reintroducing retinol to my nighttime routine–my skin takes about six weeks to adjust to retinol use and in the interim is dry, flaky, and red, which is a very common (but temporary!) side effect in the initial weeks of usage.

Enter what can only be called The Miracle Product: Roc Retional Sensitive Skin Night Cream.

I’ve already gone through 3 tubes of this. Obsessed. This is, without a doubt, the gentlest retinol product I have ever used (and I’ve tried a ton). I noticed a major improvement in my skin’s texture, particularly on my chin and around my mouth. It is also starting to diminish those dreaded fine lines on my forehead! From the get-go I’ve been able to use this every night without any annoying side effects–just soft, clear skin. Win!
I usually stick to just concealer throughout the winter as my super pale skin is difficult to color-match with foundation, but I have a new holy grail face product:
Rimmel Match Perfection foundation. It claims to have “Smart-Tone Technology to mimic your exact skin tone and texture.” I have to say, I am using 101, classic ivory, which looks far too dark/yellow in the bottle, but miraculously blends so beautifully and is truly invisible on the skin.
There are supposedly light reflective particles in the formula, but I can’t detect them at all. That being said, it does have a dewy finish–perfect for winter skin! The texture is just dreamy, like a very absorbent lotion, and has a gorgeous, fresh scent. It has SPF 18 in it, but I can’t detect it at all–no smell or stinging around the eyes. I use just my fingers to blend this in, but I think a makeup sponge would work well, too. My one tiny complaint is that it could really use a pump–it’s so runny I’ve had more than few “oops!” moments…
Although it feels extremely light on the skin, it is definitely a medium coverage and buildable up to a full coverage. It has decent staying power, too. Here it is on my skin at the end of the day (I apologize for the awful cellphone camera selfie, I leave before the sun is up and return after it has set for the day, so for decent light I had to snap these at work!):
What skincare products are you loving right now?

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