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Mother’s Day Gift Guide

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It’s almost Mother’s Day! May 12th! My most favorite day of the year!


My whole life my mom has been spoiling me: one random Tuesday my brother and I came home from school to find gifts (a lava lamp for him, a giant mesh hanging butterfly for me) set up in our rooms; the month before 8th grade graduation, she called me in sick to school and took me dress shopping at the fancy mall an hour away; when I moved to Colorado for college, she drove the entire 20+ hours so I could sleep off my hangover…That’s serious selflessness! She deserves more than just one special day, but I do love that there is an official holiday just to celebrate her.


I admit I hit the jackpot in the Mama lottery, but even if you aren’t besties with your mom, she still got stretchmarks for you, endured your crummy middle school band performance, and gave you plenty of stand-up comedy material. Make her brunch, take her to the Botanical Gardens to see the rare orchid exhibit, tell her you love her, and give her one of these (click on the link to go to website):

Because it’s Hot to Keep Cool–bright hat, $16.99


Because Turning the Camera Off while Shooting is only Funny the First 100 Times–easy digital camera, $164.95

cameraBecause She Deserves Better than 1-800 Flowers–tulip and iris bouquet, $62


Because Your Mama is the Chicest Shopper at the Farmer’s Market–french market basket, $48


Because Your Mom is Sweet, and Likes ’em, Too–zingermann’s baked goods, $50


Because it’s Spring!–bright blazer, $89.50




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  1. Susan Dillon

    Cait, what beautiful commets! And your Mom is lucky to have you for a daughter. (Sometimes Moms DO strike out in the daughter dept.) And I am so very lucky to have her for a friend. xxoo

  2. Susan Dillon

    Of course I can spell……….I mean comments! And luckily I did not strike out in the daughter dept because my Jessica is one of your best friends!


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