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Weird Zit Zappers That Work

Everyone has her thing: some women fuss over their hair, others fixate on their body, but the object of my obsession has always been my skin.


Thanks largely to genetics, but also to a diligent routine, my face has mostly been smooth and clear my whole life. So naturally, I’m especially wary of break outs. caitskin

Confession: I am guilty of crying, bargaining with God, and canceling plans all due to a zit. But here’s the thing: when I do get a zit, it is usually of the deep, painful, cystic variety. Over the past 15 years,  I have tried literally EVERY zit zapper on the market: cortisone shots (by a licensed esthetician), various birth control pills, a prescription of spironolactone from my dermatologist, Mario Badescu drying lotion, red clay, green clay, Proactiv, Clinique, Erno Laszlo sea mud soap, tea tree oil, and every drugstore product on the shelves. I shudder at the hundreds (thousands?) of dollars I’ve spent on the search for a magic cure, but feel confident that I’ve found the best blemish fighters on the planet. These three products below are my holy grail zit zappers:

1. Zeno


This tiny battery powered device runs through a 2 min 30 sec heat pulsing cycle that kills bacteria. When applied to a sore spot even before a zit erupts, and then twice to three times a day after it does push its way into the world, this tiny technology either stops a blemish before it truly even blooms, or shortens its life span to just two days flat. This can be used on cystic acne or even more superficial whiteheads. Honestly, this is the best acne fighting tool EVER. Seriously, go buy this. Right now.

2. Cortisone + aspirin (optional) + band-aid


Cortisone shots can range from $10-$50, and have been a celebrity staple for decades. This home-remedy is nearly as strong, and a helluva lot more convenient. Simply apply a thick dollop of extra strength cortisone cream, cover with a tiny band aid, and voila! Your blemish will be significantly reduced within 6 hours, and completely gone after two nights. As an added blemish fighter, crush up an aspirin and mix it in with the cortisone to form the ultimate spot treatment. I typically use this on painful “under-grounders” on my chin and jawline.

3. Honey


Really. Honey is a natural anti-microbial, stays put all night, and keeps skin ultra soft (so it’s easier to conceal the next day). As I’ve mentioned a dozen or so times, I have uber-sensitive skin…as in I pop a Benadryl to fight redness, irritation, or hives at least once per month. Honey is one of the few spot treatments that is effective at treating blemishes while also moisturizing my skin. I find this to be especially good on spots on the center of my face (nose and cheeks). Added bonus? The boyfriend compliments how sweet I smell when I come to bed!

Would you try any of these nontraditional spot treatments?



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