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Cheap & Chic Valentine’s Treats

Valentine’s Day shouldn’t be about grand gestures, but simple pleasures. I think there is nothing cuter than a clever pun when artfully paired with a small treat. Last year for Valentine’s Day, I gave my co-workers old-fashioned cokes and bags of spicy chex mix, and then tagged them with home-made “love notes”:

DSC00586“I am SODAlighted you are my coworker”

DSC00587“You spic up my life”

In my current job, I actually do something like this for my 13 employees every three to four weeks to show my appreciation and keep their spirits up. Even though the treats are small, I take the time to pair them with a homemade sign, and as cheesy as it sounds, it really is the thought that counts. So this Valentine’s Day, let your friends, colleagues, and loved ones know you’re thinking about them with one of the ideas below (I never thought to take pictures of them, d’oh! But leave your email in the comments if you would like me to send you the tag templates I’ve created.):

-a bowl of grapes–Thanks a bunch for all you do!

-lemon and orange flavored Pellegrino–You sparkle brighter than any star.

-After Eight chocolate mints (similar to York peppermint patties)–We were mint to be. [For work, I wrote, “Our team was mint to be.”]

-roasted almonds–I’m nuts about you!

-mini quiches–You are eggcelent.

-chocolate chip cookies–You are so sweet!

-pink lemonade–You tickle me pink!

If I wasn’t “the boss,” I would give out scratch-off lottery tickets with a love note that said, “I hope you get lucky!” this Valentine’s Day, but, alas, I don’t feel like getting sued for sexual harassment…

Do you give out Valentine’s Day treats?


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