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Happy New Year!

It’s 2013–YIPEE!!!!!!

In the last 3 years, I have welcomed the New Year in NYC, Ann Arbor, and Copenhagen. All have their merits, but I have to say that Copenhagen’s celebration is literally surreal. As soon as night fell (at around 3:00 pm….really), we started hearing the thunderclaps of fireworks. Like, real fireworks. Like, the kind of fireworks you have to cross over to Ohio to buy, but are totally legal and sold to 12-year-olds here. The entire sky pulsed with light as thousands (tens of thousands?) of people set off fireworks. Nate and I were stunned to see at least half of the people drunkenly stumbling around and watching the city-wide sky show were wearing protective goggles! It really was THAT intense! The pictures do not, of course, capture the sight or sound of an entire city beneath a sparkling and singing sky, but here are a few pics anyway:




The excitement continued this morning, via nutella-and-banana stuffed french toast, bacon, and mimosas:



Easy, delicious, and healthy! Right? Because of the bananas? Don’t tell me I already broke my resolution to lose the 10 pounds I gained since moving to Denmark….

You know what? Look at this, and tell me it’s not WORTH IT!


I really didn’t do anything special to make this, but here are a few general tips to ensure delicious french toast, stuffed or plain, every time:

1. Use slightly stale bread. If you are like me, and use two pieces of bread and then forget about the whole loaf for an entire week, this should be no problem. If you are normal and not wasteful, simply leave a few pieces out the night before.

2. Beat 6 eggs and add at least 1/2 cup of milk. I know this seems like a lot of liquid, but that’s what makes this toast French, and not plain ol’ American.

3. Always add a splash of vanilla and tons of cinnamon to the egg mixture. Feel free to add nutmeg, ginger, and/or whatever other spice tickles your tongue.

4. If stuffing, make sure to use a binding element on the edges–nutella is ideal, but regular butter works well, too.

5. For goodness sakes, let the bread hang out in the egg mixture for a while! Give it a proper bath, at least one minute long per side.

6. I like to let my soaked bread babies drip over a piece of tin foil (for easy clean up) on a wire cookie rack while the butter heats up nicely.

7. Lots of butter (at least 2 tbsp) + medium heat = perfectly browned french toast. It requires patience, but do NOT put toast in the pan until the butter is bubbling and gorgeous. And never, NEVER! use high heat. It will turn your french toast into soggy-egg-tasting-sad-sacks-of-grossness.





As a pre-french toast treat, I made peppermint-mocha-lattes.


It was pretty much the perfect way to welcome 2013!

I hope you have the best year ever! Or, at the very least, I hope you laugh more than you cry, eat some really great food with some even greater people, and don’t have any of your embarrassing pictures/videos hacked and leaked on the internet.




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  1. Yum!
    Happy New Year!


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