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Easy DIY Art

Listen, I would never call myself a “crafty” person. I don’t generally see garage sale items as they could be, with a simple staining/sanding/decoupaging. But every now and then inspiration strikes, and the result is somewhere between summer camp kitch and grade school junk, which is just fine with my shitty rental with all white walls that I’m not allowed to paint.

So this whole thing started when Nate proudly returned from taking out the trash with this in hand:

A HUGE glassless frame. Ohhhhh, the potential…I immediately picked up the wrapping paper you see above, a water-color blue with tiny silver windowpanes. It reminds me of Lake Michigan, sigh. I removed the backing and wrapped it tightly, securing with glue (tape is hard to come by in Denmark, otherwise I would have used that).

Then, I started saving toilet paper rolls. Seriously. I figured the perfect place to hang an amateur DIY piece of art was the crapper (pun intended), and the perfect medium would be toilet paper rolls. After a month or so, I felt I had enough, and I started smooshing and cutting the toilet paper rolls into 4 even rings.

Next, I stole some colored paper from work, and cut strips to line a little less than half of the rings. I didn’t use glue or anything, just creased the paper to hold securely.

Lastly, I started gluing the little leaves onto the blue wrapping paper from the bottom up, aiming to build an organic looking plant of sorts.

Ta-da! And it looks so cheerful hanging in my tiny all white bathroom with oddly exposed pipes:

Perhaps you can tell that this project cost less than $7 and took less than 30 minutes, but for bathroom art I’d say it’s pretty much perfect. (And if any guests ask, I’ll tell them one of my elementary students made it…)



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favorite curiosities: taxidermy, dia de los muertos, teacups, bbq, general oddities, three tier cakes, and anything that sparkles.

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