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Hair and Nail Woes

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After nearly a decade in synthetic nails, I have finally shed the gross habit and gone back to my pitiful, painful, natural nails.*Bottom lip quivering.* I have decided to commit to a full three months of nail rehab, and my first healthy step? Daily biotin (and other skin/hair/nail goodies) in the form of a yummy GNC chew:

I eat two of these babies every evening. I’ve only been taking this supplement for two weeks, so it’s impossible to say whether or not it’s working. But because these are super tasty, I know it’s a habit I’ll keep up.

Step two? Using a daily nail strengthener to mend my horribly brittle, peeling nails. I did quite a lot of research on the various strengtheners out there, and am so glad I went for the very scarily named Growing Nails with Odorless Garlic:

This truly does not smell of garlic AT ALL, it just reeks like super strong top coat. I’ve also been using this for two weeks and can honestly say I am WOWED! I have tried approximately 100 nail strengtheners and hardeners in my days, and this is the first one that has made a noticeable difference. I put this on clean nails, and then add a coat over my (colored) nail polish every day for four or five days. From the first coat my nails feel thicker and stronger. Most amazing of all? When I take off all the polish on day four, my nail STILL feels thicker and stronger! Although it looks milky in the bottle, it goes on perfectly clear. It dries in less than 5 minutes and has a super-shiny finish.  I’m so excited to see how daily use of this continues to affect my nails. Love!

It has been a looooong time since I got excited by a hair product. Which is perhaps why my love affair with the L’Oreal Sulfate Free Cleansing Conditioner is so passionate!

This stuff is AMAZING! It is used in place of a shampoo, and while it’s fine to follow up with a traditional conditioner on your ends, I doubt you’ll have to. This is not nearly as thick as a conditioner, but doesn’t lather up like a shampoo. I dispense about 10 pumps into my hands and massage on my scalp. I slowly work the product down the hair shaft, usually adding about 5 pumps to get all the way to the ends. Not only does this work super well to cleanse without stripping, it leaves my hair so ridiculously silky soft but not at all weighed down! The best part? The smell! Without a doubt this is THE best smelling hair product of all time. I will continue to repurchase again and again.

Hopefully I’ll be proudly posting pictures of my natural nails/hair by the end of August…or screw it, I’m going back to tips and extensions 😉



Quick Update (with Target goodies!)

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Hello, loves!

So, Cinco de Mayo happened…and then I had the flu. Coincidence? Back to feeling about 80% now, and thank goodness-my Mom arrived early yesterday morning to celebrate her day with me!

Yesterday I took her to brunch in the hood, and went to Chinatown to hunt for cheap loot. From there we went to the spa for total pampering (manicure, pedicure, massage…Mmmmmmm), followed by dinner at one of the best Italian spots. Right now we are lounging on the couch with books (and, uh, computer) while Nate makes breakfast! So excited to spoil my Mom for a change.

We had a little Cinco de Mayo celebration last Saturday:

At our fiesta, we served this amazing sipping tequila straight up. Highly recommend it.

I made these multi-colored flower bombs and hung them from the ceiling (along with battery-powered lanterns) for a colorful kick.

And that’s all the photos my lawyer will let me show you! So let’s move along to the Target goodies…

I made a Target run to get the necessities: a vacuum, toilet paper, teacher things, etc., but somehow left with a few extras in my cart…

My new favorite body scrub, this Boot’s cocoa butter sugar scrub is amazing! I’ve never used any scrub like it. It is literally cocoa butter, but with sugar granules in it. And what’s so great about that? Everything! Unlike the usual scrub that is made of granules suspended in oil, this is completely spill proof. Second of all, you’re not left at the end with a pile of scrub but no oil. This scrub is so hydrating, smells fantastic, and super cheap.

Scored the goods below in the dollar section.

The gray, white, and yellow wrapping is so sophisticated and lovely, it’s perfect for my Mom’s gifts!

This dress? My new spring and summer staple. Light and breezy, it has a modern print in unexpected colors–coral, mint, and black. To really push it over the edge, it has this season’s hot hi-lo hem!

Obsessed! I can’t wait to wear this to work (with nude heels and a black jacket), on date night (with gold heels and an armful of sparkly bangles), and on lazy Saturdays (with strappy flat sandals a ballet bun). Best of all? Scored this on the clearance rack for less than $10!!

Off to continue pampering my Momma. Back soon with regular posting (including a look at my guest room and spring essentials).

Go celebrate your Mom! Or, if you are a mother, YOU!



Mother’s Day Gift Guide

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My top 10 picks for Moms this Mother’s Day. Click on the link to go directly to website and “add to cart.” And don’t forget to write a card! On paper! With a pen! It’s literally the least you can do, considering the woman shared her body with you and all…

1. A subscription to More magazine (a personal favorite of mine):

2. A pretty pitcher and artisan teas to ice this spring:

3. Clinque Body Butter


4. Windowsill Herb Box Kit

5. A Casual Spring Dress (in a universally flattering style and color)

6. A Kindle (the original)

7. Cute and Comfy Wedge Sandals (She’s probably a size 7 1/2)

8. Silvery Grey Lightweight Throw

9. Mini Cuisinart Food Processor

10. Home Is Where the Heart Is–State Wall Art