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I love perfume. It all started with CK One in 8th grade…My best friend at the time, Sarah, had an insanely gorgeous and cool older sister, Annie, who wore CK One. I’m not ashamed to admit that every so often I’ll buy the tiny purse size vials of it at Walmart. Yes, its smell fills me with pleasant nostalgia, but I also happen to genuinely believe its balance is very cool.

Fast forward 14 years later, and I’ve probably owned nearly 40 scents. My perfumes typically last about a year or two, at which point they are either used up or tossed out–a perfume’s delicate notes disintegrate over time, not necessarily becoming weaker but possibly overly sweet, sour, or powdery. I am also a seasonal perfume wearer–there are some scents (Coco Chanel Mademoiselle, J’adore) that strictly feel “cold weather” to me. As spring comfortably settles in here, I have officially rotated my warm weather scents in! Here are my favorites (two new, two old favs):

1.  D&G 3 L’Imperatrice by Dolce and Gabbana

This bright, casual scent is actually unisex. It launched in 2009, and I’ve owned 2 bottles since then. The top notes are fruity, mainly watermelon and kiwi, and yet it is NOT a sweet scent at all. This perfume is anchored by a strong base of musk and sandalwood. After it settles on the skin, it smells crisp and clean, I get notes of cucumber. Unlike a lot of scents, this one continues to develop beautifully even on hot, sweaty skin. In fact, it’s great to spritz on post-workout because it’s so neutral and clean smelling! And on a personal note, this is Nate’s favorite of my perfumes.

2. Gucci Rush 2

My ALL TIME FAVORITE perfume, I’ve repurchased at least 10 times since I first discovered it when I was 17. Unfortunately, Gucci no longer sells this in the US, but fret not! Just about every duty free store in every airport carries this! I have picked this up at a duty free shop in O’Hare and Detroit Metro in the last 2 years.

What I love about this perfume is its complexity: it has no top/mid/base notes, as all the notes are equally weighted. The result is a scent utterly alluring as it defies classification. This is not a sweet perfume, not citrusy or floral, not musky or amber, although all those notes are present. I wish I could better explain this scent, but there is no comparison.  The result is a perfume that smells modern and light.

3. Lavanila Vanilla Passionfruit

Nate gave me this scent last spring, and it is definitely a sensual perfume, making it perfect for a warm spring or summer night. As expected, its strongest scent is vanilla, but the passionfruit adds a tartness that grounds the scent and keeps it from being sickly sweet. When I wear this scent I constantly have women asking me what I have on. (I think it smells very much like what a woman thinks “sexy” smells like. I, for one, think sexy and eating go together, so its no surprise that I associate a food-scented perfume with sexy.)

4. Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue

Ladies, if you want to attract the fellas, spritz this! Hands down, men compliment me on this perfume more than any other scent I have ever worn. The strongest notes in this girly perfume are citrus, jasmine, and amber. This smells “young” to me, which is not a bad thing, but makes me wonder about why so many men are drawn to it…Ultimately, it is so light and pretty and just perfect for spring and summer.

I’m very happy with these 4 perfumes, and certainly don’t NEED any more spring scents, but I am having serious lust for Jo Malone’s orange blossom. Maybe I’ll try and score enough free samples from the different Saks/Neiman’s/Bloomingdales around the city I will get through until autumn!



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  1. I know exactly what u mean about winter and spring scents,one of my caves.was discontinued by L’Occitane and it nowhere to be found but Jo Malone and Issey Miyake will get me through! Check out Bluemercury at union square they are extremely generous with their Jo Malone sampling…I’m addicted to the nectarine scent and English pear! And of course there is always Amazon and eBay bidding if things get really dire!


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