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I recently spotted this advertisement on the subway:



Over the weekend, my Dad and stepbrother Ben came for a visit. We had such a wonderful whirlwind time: ate at Bareburger in Astoria, checked out the amazing Gertrude Stein exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, took an intimate tour of a former sweatshop at the Lower East Side Tenement Museum, visited the 9/11 Memorial, and shared a very nice dinner with my Aunts. Perfection!

I love hosting visitors to the city. Not only do I get a fantastic excuse to be a tourist myself, but I get to see the city through an outsider’s eyes. For example, on Saturday Ben spotted a giant, belly-up cockroach on the step to the Met. I would have flinhed ever so slightly and stepped over what is surely the 1,223,478th cockroach I’ve seen since moving here 4 years ago.

What did he do? Oh, photographed it and sent it in a text message to his Mom along with the message, “Say hi to our new friend we met in New York City.” HA!

Both my Dad and Ben commented on how city folk dress, and we had an interesting conversation about New York City fashion. Like the ad above, New Yorker’s definitely look better to take out the trash than some Midwesterners do at a wedding. At the bare minimum, these are rules we follow:

-Sneakers are to be worn exclusively to work out. Acceptable schlepping footwear include ballet flats, Tory Burch/Michael Kors/Kate Spade/etc. flats, wedges, high heels, boots of any variety–riding, heeled, cowboy, flat, rain, over the knee, ankle, etc., sandals (especially gladiator or other secure type). *IF you live in Brooklyn, Converse/Tod’s/Bensimon shoes are also acceptable.

-Sweatshirts and tshirts are not an option anywhere outside the privacy of your apartment. Alternative is a plain, thin, fitted v-neck cotton shirt paired with an anorak or trench:

-A manicure and sunglasses are not just for special events or sunshine, respectively. They are essentials akin to socks.

If you visit NYC and want to look like a local, follow the above rules and wait for someone to ask YOU for directions :).




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  1. glad I live in the midwest

  2. Yep. Girls in flipflops and a hoodie are far hotter then the tory burch wearers anyday. The difference between new yorkers and everyone else is what you alluded to originally. Where you choose to see a step to a meusum leading to cultural enlightenment, the rest of the world sees the huge dead cockroach. Oh, and our closets are big enough to hold our clothes. Enjoy the offer though for the free move!


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