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Taste of Spring…and Bacon

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This has been one pathetic winter. Not once did Nate have to shovel his car out of the snow. Never did I don my thermal underwear. No excuse could be made to skip the gym because the weather was too nasty. It was an utter disappointment.


That being said, I’m still giddy over spring’s (official) approach. When I saw the season’s first stone fruit in my neighborhood market, I picked up a bunch of sunset-hued nectarines. Mmmmmmmm.

This was part 1 of a delicious spontaneous meal.

asparagus and rice is the lbd of side dishes.

Part 2? Acute stress brought on by the sudden illness of a family member. I came home from work on Wednesday feeling emotionally frayed and HUNGRY, having lost my appetite for most of the previous 24 hours. I needed comfort food! I needed easy-and-quick-to-prepare comfort food! And NOTHING in this world comforts like the sweetness of an inaugural nectarine. Or bacon.

sorry, vegetarians.

So here’s what I did:

I took a pork tenderloin, and lovingly gave it a generous salt and pepper massage. Then, I swaddled it in strips of bacon. Finally, I sprinkled it with ham. No! Haha! No, no, I didn’t do that last part. That would be overkill, a PIG MASSACRE! (Gratuitous slaughter joke? I was just trying to make it seem less gross to cover pig with more pig by demonstrating I *could* have added another layer of pig. It’s called perspective.) But, really, here’s my bacon-covered-pork tenderloin…

Pork tenderloins come 2 to a pack, which is great when you are feeding a hungry rugby player post-practice AND want leftovers to top your lunch salad with. The bacon was long enough to tuck under the tenderloin, I didn’t bother to wrap all the way around and/or secure with toothpicks. This was about comfort, not fuss, remember???

I dropped these babies in a shallow foil lined baking dish and threw it in the oven at 450 degrees for about 15 minutes to crisp the bacon, then lowered the oven to 350. I just let them hang out while I finished cooking, didn’t set a timer or anything but I would guess I took them out after a total of 45 minutes, and I would have preferred the meat a little pinker. Moral? Buy a damn meat thermometer!

Meanwhile, I diced a shallot and threw it in a pot with some butter…

And cooked it on medium heat until golden and lovely.

Then, I tossed in a whole bunch o’ stuff…

-a couple tbsp of sugar

-a pinch of salt

-1/2 cup of white wine

-2 generous tbsp bourbon

-3 diced nectarines

I cooked this for about 25 minutes, until the nectarines were reallllly soft. Then I used one of my favorite kitchen tools, the immersion blender, to whir this down to a thick, chunky sauce!

After the pork rested on the counter for 15 minutes, I sliced it into thick medallions and smothered it with this brilliant nectarine-wine-bourbon goodness:

Served with the remaining white wine…And a second bottle of pinot noir.

I guess the boyfriend liked it?

Excited for more spring meals! Tonight I’m making Hawaiian turkey burgers…I just love putting fruit into savory meals!





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