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Fashion Trend: Hi-Lo Hem

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One of spring’s hottest looks is the high-low hemline. This is a far cry from the asymmetrical tailoring of yore…gone are the fluttering and fluted edges, gauzy fabrics, and ribbon-like effect. Today’s hi-lo look is severe and exaggerated; you’ll find mini skirts that have a train dragging on the ground. I love this look for its mullet practicality, only in reverse: it’s business in the back, party in the front..

This dress is one of the rare clothing items I purchased online. I really wanted to find a hi-low hem that had long sleeves so I could wear it as the seasons transition, and simply couldn’t find it in stores. This one is from Lulu’s, a great online retailer that is super chic, affordable, and has the BEST customer service. I love the mustard color, and it’s hard to see in these horrible photos that it is covered in tiny black and periwinkle abstract flowers.

About these horrible photographs: I get home before Nate most nights, and promptly change into gym clothes. So I have to take these pictures myself, and I only own one (way too narrow) full length mirror. Additionally, I have a problem with multi-tasking. I am addicted to it. If I’m not juggling at least three tasks at once, I feel utterly unproductive. Which is why in these pictures I am both talking to my friend Gina in California (Hi, Gina!) and organizing my belts (you can catch glimpses of them hanging off the bed/falling on the floor…)


This winter I’ve been pairing this thin (read: cool) dress with thick leggings and my shearling booties from H&M. I can’t wait to rock this with bare legs and super high platform wedge sandals! And I plan to add another sleeveless hi-lo hem dress to my wardrobe…

Will you try this funky fashion trend?




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