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The Only Eyeshadow(s) You Need

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Hello, I’m Caitlin, and I’m a make-up addict.

One of my weaknesses?  Neutral eyeshadow. I can’t stop the hunt for the perfect shimmery-but-not-glittery, brownish-copperish-goldish, long lasting but easy to blend, eye brightening but also sultry, buildable from sheer to intense, eyeshadow.

The thing is, there might not be a single eyeshadow that meets all those requirements. But there are 12 eyeshadows that might fit the bill…Enter Urban Decay Naked Palette and Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette:

These sleek eyeshadow palettes are THE holy grail for neutral eyeshadow fanatics like myself. Truly, you only need one of these palettes, but note the aforementioned addiction problem…

Do you see these beauties?! While they are appearing here as a rather chunky glitter, in real life they are a much more subtle duochrome. The shades range from pale peach to true copper, beige to gold, and every shade of brown (black-brown, gray-brown, plum-brown, green-brown…). Each palette comes with a double-tipped brush and a mirror fit to the full size of the palette lid.

This is just one swipe. Can you see the amazing variety of golds? From a true gilded gold to a rose gold, they are all so beautiful.

At $50, this is definitely a splurge. However, I use these palettes daily and haven’t hit pan on a single shade. The color is so super pigmented you need only the tiniest amount of product. Translation: this will last you a long, long time.  And I have yet to buy any other eyeshadows since these came into my life. There really is no need–every color I want is here. Packing my make-up is now a cinch: some concealer, brow pencil, mascara, and this palette are all I need.

If you have blue eyes, green eyes, gray eyes, brown eyes, hazel eyes, red eyes, three eyes…if you are albino, olive, dark, medium, peaches and cream, fair, splotchy, tan…if you are blonde, redhaired, brunette, gray, raven, purple….if you love neutral eyeshadow….if you hate eyeshadow….YOU NEED THIS PALETTE.

I’m not a pusher, I’m just trying to share the high–er, *cough*, insight.



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  1. this is what sarah has (and I have been trying to steal)! it is so great!


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