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Monthly Archives: March 2012

Spring Surprise and Outfit of the Night

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Oh, how wonderful it was to come home last night to find these beauties greeting me!


And these!


And these!


My boyfriend is a catch, huh?

Tonight we are headed out to Long Island to have dinner with friends. It’s a casual evening, so I went with jeans, a lace vest over a black tank, huge brown leather wedges, and lots of jingly jewelry:


Can you tell I chopped over 3 inches off my hair!? Obviously, I hate it. Does anyone love a fresh haircut? Truthfully, I’m glad I cut it, it just needs a month to lose its news anchor look.

I’m no news anchor. Although I DID consider being a weather girl once. True story. Took every weather and the atmosphere class I could at Colorado, which is big for two reasons. One: I’m notoriously not sciency and Two: I never went to class. Ha! What can I say? Betsy Forrest’s ATOC 1020 changed my life….temporarily. And thank goodness I eventually saw the light or I would REALLY have newscaster hair, huh?



NYC Style

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I recently spotted this advertisement on the subway:



Over the weekend, my Dad and stepbrother Ben came for a visit. We had such a wonderful whirlwind time: ate at Bareburger in Astoria, checked out the amazing Gertrude Stein exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, took an intimate tour of a former sweatshop at the Lower East Side Tenement Museum, visited the 9/11 Memorial, and shared a very nice dinner with my Aunts. Perfection!

I love hosting visitors to the city. Not only do I get a fantastic excuse to be a tourist myself, but I get to see the city through an outsider’s eyes. For example, on Saturday Ben spotted a giant, belly-up cockroach on the step to the Met. I would have flinhed ever so slightly and stepped over what is surely the 1,223,478th cockroach I’ve seen since moving here 4 years ago.

What did he do? Oh, photographed it and sent it in a text message to his Mom along with the message, “Say hi to our new friend we met in New York City.” HA!

Both my Dad and Ben commented on how city folk dress, and we had an interesting conversation about New York City fashion. Like the ad above, New Yorker’s definitely look better to take out the trash than some Midwesterners do at a wedding. At the bare minimum, these are rules we follow:

-Sneakers are to be worn exclusively to work out. Acceptable schlepping footwear include ballet flats, Tory Burch/Michael Kors/Kate Spade/etc. flats, wedges, high heels, boots of any variety–riding, heeled, cowboy, flat, rain, over the knee, ankle, etc., sandals (especially gladiator or other secure type). *IF you live in Brooklyn, Converse/Tod’s/Bensimon shoes are also acceptable.

-Sweatshirts and tshirts are not an option anywhere outside the privacy of your apartment. Alternative is a plain, thin, fitted v-neck cotton shirt paired with an anorak or trench:

-A manicure and sunglasses are not just for special events or sunshine, respectively. They are essentials akin to socks.

If you visit NYC and want to look like a local, follow the above rules and wait for someone to ask YOU for directions :).



How to Cut a Pineapple AND Dare of the Day (NSFW)

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Ahhhhh, the pineapple! For so many reasons, it’s my favorite fruit. It’s delicious. It stays fresh for weeks. It’s a symbol of hospitality and friendship. It makes you taste sweet down there (for both women and men! Truly! Mom and Dad, aren’t you glad you shared this web address with all your friends?) You know what’s coming next…















You’re expecting the Dare of the Day, aren’t you? GET YOUR MIND OUT OF THE GUTTER! Jeesh, you’re sick. I was just going to dare you to eat an entire pineapple and then take a 45 minute subway ride!

Buuuut, since you went there anyway, I might as well just say what we are both now thinking…

I dare you to snack on nothing but asparagus, cigarettes, and coffee for two days. Ask your partner to give you *treats and use the guide below to gauge how you taste.


Then, snack on nothing but pineapple for two days. Repeat assessment.

From a purely scientific standpoint, I’d love to hear your results. Unless you’re my Mom or Dad, and then please do not respond. In fact, I officially TAKE THE DARE BACK for my Mom and Dad.

OK. Back to the pineapple. How did I get so sidetracked? Oh, right, your filthy mind and the wonders of enzymes.

I’m pretty sure a lot more people would eat pineapple if they knew just how easy it is to slice! It is an intimidating fruit, what with its rather hostile exterior that will snag your pantyhose if brushed against them (true story) and Andre the Giant core. But there is a trick! YOU CAN CUT UP A PINEAPPLE IN TWO MINUTES OR LESS. Here’s how:

1. Lay pineapple on side. Cut off both ends.

2. Stand pineapple up and slice in half.

3. One at a time, stand up each half and again slice in half lengthwise (to get four quarters).

4. One at a time, stand up each quarter and slice the vertex opposite the skin, thus removing the core.

5. Lay the quarters down, flesh side up. Make 1/2 inch cuts from one end to the other, being careful NOT to cut all the way through the skin.

6. Make perpendicular cuts to size you prefer (I will make three lengthwise cuts), again making sure you don’t go through skin.

7. Place knife at narrow end, just above skin. Holding flesh in place to contain chunks, cut across.


Once you get the hang of this, I promise it will take you no longer than slicing melon. Enjoy!


(Check back soon to see Hawaiian turkey burgers topped with…pineapple!)

*treats: Katie Homant coined term for oral sex. I did put NSFW in the title…




Taste of Spring…and Bacon

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This has been one pathetic winter. Not once did Nate have to shovel his car out of the snow. Never did I don my thermal underwear. No excuse could be made to skip the gym because the weather was too nasty. It was an utter disappointment.


That being said, I’m still giddy over spring’s (official) approach. When I saw the season’s first stone fruit in my neighborhood market, I picked up a bunch of sunset-hued nectarines. Mmmmmmmm.

This was part 1 of a delicious spontaneous meal.

asparagus and rice is the lbd of side dishes.

Part 2? Acute stress brought on by the sudden illness of a family member. I came home from work on Wednesday feeling emotionally frayed and HUNGRY, having lost my appetite for most of the previous 24 hours. I needed comfort food! I needed easy-and-quick-to-prepare comfort food! And NOTHING in this world comforts like the sweetness of an inaugural nectarine. Or bacon.

sorry, vegetarians.

So here’s what I did:

I took a pork tenderloin, and lovingly gave it a generous salt and pepper massage. Then, I swaddled it in strips of bacon. Finally, I sprinkled it with ham. No! Haha! No, no, I didn’t do that last part. That would be overkill, a PIG MASSACRE! (Gratuitous slaughter joke? I was just trying to make it seem less gross to cover pig with more pig by demonstrating I *could* have added another layer of pig. It’s called perspective.) But, really, here’s my bacon-covered-pork tenderloin…

Pork tenderloins come 2 to a pack, which is great when you are feeding a hungry rugby player post-practice AND want leftovers to top your lunch salad with. The bacon was long enough to tuck under the tenderloin, I didn’t bother to wrap all the way around and/or secure with toothpicks. This was about comfort, not fuss, remember???

I dropped these babies in a shallow foil lined baking dish and threw it in the oven at 450 degrees for about 15 minutes to crisp the bacon, then lowered the oven to 350. I just let them hang out while I finished cooking, didn’t set a timer or anything but I would guess I took them out after a total of 45 minutes, and I would have preferred the meat a little pinker. Moral? Buy a damn meat thermometer!

Meanwhile, I diced a shallot and threw it in a pot with some butter…

And cooked it on medium heat until golden and lovely.

Then, I tossed in a whole bunch o’ stuff…

-a couple tbsp of sugar

-a pinch of salt

-1/2 cup of white wine

-2 generous tbsp bourbon

-3 diced nectarines

I cooked this for about 25 minutes, until the nectarines were reallllly soft. Then I used one of my favorite kitchen tools, the immersion blender, to whir this down to a thick, chunky sauce!

After the pork rested on the counter for 15 minutes, I sliced it into thick medallions and smothered it with this brilliant nectarine-wine-bourbon goodness:

Served with the remaining white wine…And a second bottle of pinot noir.

I guess the boyfriend liked it?

Excited for more spring meals! Tonight I’m making Hawaiian turkey burgers…I just love putting fruit into savory meals!




Fashion Trend: Hi-Lo Hem

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One of spring’s hottest looks is the high-low hemline. This is a far cry from the asymmetrical tailoring of yore…gone are the fluttering and fluted edges, gauzy fabrics, and ribbon-like effect. Today’s hi-lo look is severe and exaggerated; you’ll find mini skirts that have a train dragging on the ground. I love this look for its mullet practicality, only in reverse: it’s business in the back, party in the front..

This dress is one of the rare clothing items I purchased online. I really wanted to find a hi-low hem that had long sleeves so I could wear it as the seasons transition, and simply couldn’t find it in stores. This one is from Lulu’s, a great online retailer that is super chic, affordable, and has the BEST customer service. I love the mustard color, and it’s hard to see in these horrible photos that it is covered in tiny black and periwinkle abstract flowers.

About these horrible photographs: I get home before Nate most nights, and promptly change into gym clothes. So I have to take these pictures myself, and I only own one (way too narrow) full length mirror. Additionally, I have a problem with multi-tasking. I am addicted to it. If I’m not juggling at least three tasks at once, I feel utterly unproductive. Which is why in these pictures I am both talking to my friend Gina in California (Hi, Gina!) and organizing my belts (you can catch glimpses of them hanging off the bed/falling on the floor…)


This winter I’ve been pairing this thin (read: cool) dress with thick leggings and my shearling booties from H&M. I can’t wait to rock this with bare legs and super high platform wedge sandals! And I plan to add another sleeveless hi-lo hem dress to my wardrobe…

Will you try this funky fashion trend?



The Only Eyeshadow(s) You Need

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Hello, I’m Caitlin, and I’m a make-up addict.

One of my weaknesses?  Neutral eyeshadow. I can’t stop the hunt for the perfect shimmery-but-not-glittery, brownish-copperish-goldish, long lasting but easy to blend, eye brightening but also sultry, buildable from sheer to intense, eyeshadow.

The thing is, there might not be a single eyeshadow that meets all those requirements. But there are 12 eyeshadows that might fit the bill…Enter Urban Decay Naked Palette and Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette:

These sleek eyeshadow palettes are THE holy grail for neutral eyeshadow fanatics like myself. Truly, you only need one of these palettes, but note the aforementioned addiction problem…

Do you see these beauties?! While they are appearing here as a rather chunky glitter, in real life they are a much more subtle duochrome. The shades range from pale peach to true copper, beige to gold, and every shade of brown (black-brown, gray-brown, plum-brown, green-brown…). Each palette comes with a double-tipped brush and a mirror fit to the full size of the palette lid.

This is just one swipe. Can you see the amazing variety of golds? From a true gilded gold to a rose gold, they are all so beautiful.

At $50, this is definitely a splurge. However, I use these palettes daily and haven’t hit pan on a single shade. The color is so super pigmented you need only the tiniest amount of product. Translation: this will last you a long, long time.  And I have yet to buy any other eyeshadows since these came into my life. There really is no need–every color I want is here. Packing my make-up is now a cinch: some concealer, brow pencil, mascara, and this palette are all I need.

If you have blue eyes, green eyes, gray eyes, brown eyes, hazel eyes, red eyes, three eyes…if you are albino, olive, dark, medium, peaches and cream, fair, splotchy, tan…if you are blonde, redhaired, brunette, gray, raven, purple….if you love neutral eyeshadow….if you hate eyeshadow….YOU NEED THIS PALETTE.

I’m not a pusher, I’m just trying to share the high–er, *cough*, insight.