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Love for Ktown

Let me level with you–there is exactly 1 1/2 reasons I’m writing this post about a store that’s only in NYC. The teeny tiny 1/2 there? Because I want you to know about it. The main reason? Because I can’t bear to post two entries in a row on a chocolate caramel dessert. I don’t want to be known–however true it may be–as “the crazy chocoholic girl.” Or “the blogger most likely to develop type 2 diabetes.” I’d even cringe to hear myself referred to as “the dessert diva.”

Scratch that last one, being called the Dessert Diva would be pretty sweet. No pun intended.

Koreatown is one of my favorite blocks in New York City. I love how dramatically different one block is from the next here. Walking down 32nd, just blocks from Herald Square, you will stumble upon an enclave of Korean wonders…my favorite? The Face Shop.

While The Face Shop carries a wide range of products and product ranges–hair care, skin care, body care, cosmetics, tools…–my ultimate favorite are the several dozen single-use face masks they offer. My last trip there I picked up a couple of paste masks: these masks come as a powder that you have to mix water with to create a thick paste and pack onto your skin. (Caution: if any living creature sees you wearing this clumpy, thick, gray mask, they WILL scream/pee themselves/turn to stone.)

One of these is formulated to brighten, the other to firm and hydrate. The ingredients are a mystery, though, as they are all in Korean.

The other masks I picked up are are my favorite kind of mask–a cloth mask. These presoaked masks are laid upon the skin, making you look like a mummy. I considered posting a picture of me wearing this mask, but ultimately decided I am just way, way too vain to publicly display my face in corpse-like appearance.

The last two goodies I picked up for myself are brightening products–a face mask, and strips for under eye circles. Koreans are known for their cutting edge “lightening” technology, so I’m very excited to see how these work for me.

By the way, all of these products cost just $1-$3. And the gals at The Face Shop always toss in freebies, so it really is a remarkable value. Definitely worth a trip to Ktown if you live in NYC or are planning a visit.

After shopping, you’ll no doubt need a snack. Pop into my FAVORITE nyc bakery: Paris Baguette.

The pastries here are all classic French pastries, but with a Korean twist. It’s hard to describe these unique flavors, so just take my word for it and go fill up a box. (It should be mentioned that the pastries here are approximately eleventybillion times better than Magnolia or Amy’s or even my beloved Sarabeth’s, yet it costs at least 50% less.)

Mmmmmmmm…………………WAIT A MINUTE! How in the hell did this post–this post intended to be a filler between dessert posts, this post intended to be pointedly NON-FOOD RELATED–circle back round to buttery baked goods!? By god Betty Crocker, I have issues.

So much for avoiding a fatgirl nickname…..Come back in a day or two for the dark chocolate and salted caramel layer cake post.




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