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Bow Tie Tuesday + HM Gloves

I’m a lucky woman. I have a man who observes Bow Tie Tuesdays.

And that ain’t no clip on…! Swoon.

When I’m on the arm of such a dashing fella, I of course have to be equally well styled. On winter’s coldest days, that can be a bit of a challenge, since temptation to dress like an Eskimo is high. If only I could find a pair or exquisitely chic, insanely warm, and dirt cheap gloves that go with everything!

Enter my new H&M gloves:

These gorgeous gloves are pretty close to perfect. While they are, of course, synthetic pony hair and leather, the quality is very high. The gloves are lined to add extra warmth. They are classy while still being funky, and they will go with every outfit. I also love that they are fitted enough to wear rings over (I LOVE doing this!), without being too tight to bend my fingers in.

Oh, and did I mention they were only &6.99!!!???



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favorite curiosities: taxidermy, dia de los muertos, teacups, bbq, general oddities, three tier cakes, and anything that sparkles.

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