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Valentine’s Day: The Approach…

Confession: I love Valentine’s Day. And I always have, even as I spent the first 24 of them as a single gal. This is in part because my mother always made a lovely fuss about it–pink and red and purple and white decorated every corner of the house, she cut our lunchbox sandwiches into hearts, baked yummy sweets, and always gave us little tokens of love. (I can distinctly remember one year getting the “Titanic” soundtrack in my Valentine’s goody bag, and I seriously thought I died and went to Leonardo DiCaprio filled heaven.) In addition, I simply enjoy any opportunity to celebrate.

I have just started decorating…

I’ve already gathered all the treats for my students’ Valentine’s bags:

All items from the dollar store. Low in cost, HIGH in fun! Check it out…


Valentine’s treats for co-workers and suggested Valentine’s Day dinner menus are on the way…


PS I know this sounds really pathetic given all the actual tragedies in the world…hunger, AIDS, Newt Gingrich winning SC…but I am so sad to hear Heidi Klum and Seal are splitting up! Especially around Valentine’s Day, break-ups make me sad. And their kids! Annual Halloween costumes! Sigh…..


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favorite curiosities: taxidermy, dia de los muertos, teacups, bbq, general oddities, three tier cakes, and anything that sparkles.

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  1. Valentine’s Day is my favorite because it’s a very special someone’s birthday right after…


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