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Birchbox is a pretty awesome service for beauty junkies. For $10 per month, you get a box of cosmetic goodies delivered to your door. Usually the loot is sample-sized, but quite often there is a full size product tucked in the folds of the hot pink tissue paper!

Each box is themed, and comes with a card that explains all of the items included in the box. You can buy these products direct from Birchbox, often with a generous discount (they just sent me a 20% off coupon to use on any product with no expiration date!).

This month the Stila eyeliner–a gorgeous peacock blue-green with subtle glitter–was full size! Worth $20–amazing!

And the rest…

I highly recommend Birch box. In addition to being a great way to sample products AND get discounts on cosmetics, the sample sizes are perfect for traveling. In the end, this is a great value–this month’s box alone paid for a 2 month subscription!

Now if only there was a delivery service with sample sizes of macaroni and cheese….



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  1. OOOOOOO! I love samples — signing up for Birchbox RIGHT NOW. (Rob’s gonna kill me, but that’s OK!)


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