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Three Minute Hot Breakfast At Your Desk

There’s something about starting your day with a hot breakfast that just feeds the soul, especially in winter. But this is difficult to do if you are a teacher. You see, we start at 8:00, which means we get there at 7:00, which means we leave our homes at 6:00. And who has time (or an appetite) for a hot breakfast at 5:30?!

Well, I have a solution. Make a hot breakfast at your desk. At 7:30, when you are finishing up that day’s powerpoint, or cutting sentence strips, or grading yesterday’s pop quiz. It takes three minutes, is healthy, hearty, and–most importantly–is super yummy.


Throw a pack of plain instant oatmeal into a bowl. Use your electric kettle to boil water. (BTW, this is the best thing ever. I use it daily for tea/instant coffee, oatmeal, and the occasional hot chocolate for my favorite students. It boils water in about 90 seconds.)

While you’re waiting for the water, throw in some yummy toppings. I like to add whey powder, chocolate chips (for the antioxidants, obviously), and a scoop of peanut butter. On days my relationship with my thighs is on the rocks, I just add some frozen strawberries and a drizzle of honey. But then my relationship with my taste buds suffers, so……I’m back to pb and choco the next day. Life is a struggle.

Now, pour over the boiling water! Just cover the oatmeal, you don’t want it floating in there. Let it just sit and hang out for a minute, and then stir stir stir.

Mmmmmmm…..smells like fresh-from-the-oven oatmeal chocolate chip cookies! And, really, it tastes pretty darn close to it. All in all, this a very filling, fast, and healthy start to any morning.

I might just have this for dinner tonight, too, because here I am on my couch:

Is it Eskimo Day, you ask? Or maybe I’m cleaning my oven and threw open the windows/doors to air out the smell? NO. My apartment’s heat is broken. It’s 20 degrees outside, a balmy 37 in my home. So I think I’ll say goodbye and go make some oatmeal.



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