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Best of the Drugstore: Maybelline

Most of my products are from the drugstore, and I truly get a thrill from finding amazing makeup at ridiculously low prices. My all time favorite eyebrow pencil–an essential for any blonde–and my current lip obsession are both by Maybelline.

This eyebrow pencil is nearly perfect. It comes with a comb on one end to groom brows into place, it’s a self-sharpening pencil so it’s always ready to go, it comes  in every shade imaginable–here I’m using “light blonde”, but when my hair is a little darker I opt for “dark blonde”, and the tip is so miniscule it really mimics individual brow hairs for the most natural look.


I use this product every single day, and I must have repurchased it, oh…..30 or so times in the last couple years? My only complaint is that there is no way to even guess how close to the end you are, and more than once I’ve run out of pencil with only one brow completed. As a result, I typically hoard two to three extras at all times (and THANK YOU aunt Janice for putting some in my Christmas gift! I am set for a couple months now!).

The Maybelline Baby Lips just came out this fall, but I’m already hooked. I go through these tubes like water, so thank goodness they are only $3.99 (and look for coupons in magazines–I’ve scored two for a BOGO!). The colors are so sheer but also vivid, giving the lip a perfect glossy wash of color. They are more emollient than your average chapstick; I’d say they are most comparable to the Nivea lip butters or Korres lip butters. My favorite colors are:

Peach Kiss-

Cherry Me:

And my ultimate favorite, Pink Punch:

(WOW that HD camera closeup is really unkind to the complexion, eh? I better learn how to photoshop STAT!)

I have literally never found a lip product that is able to do what Baby Lips does–give lips ultra shiny moisture AND ample color. You can tell how reflective this product is from the photos, there is NO shimmer of any kind in it. The sparkly particles really are just light reflecting off of the glossiness. But because this product really is a solid lip color as opposed to a true gloss, the staying power is at least 50% better.

What are your favorite eyebrow/lip products?



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  1. This is amazing that you made this post. When I saw you last, I was thinking, ‘what is she using.. because it’s stunning!’

    You’re beauty and bravery still scares me. -stole from a golden globe speech !!


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