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Whimsical Home Decor

It’s amazing how powerful vocabulary is. You see, I can call my cheap-o hodgepodge collection of crap that lives around my nyc rental “whimsical home decor” and it sounds adult, intentional, maybe even chic.

pineapple lights draped over our media center

But the truth is, however indistinguishable my current furnishings are from that of my first college apartment (oh god was that really 8 years ago!!!???), my home is filled with things that make me happy.

a pig shaped watering can and classic book on a table in the entryway

a cardboard trophy head on our living room wall

a seemingly innocent photograph....

candles shaped like corn and asparagus



About chicsmarts

favorite curiosities: taxidermy, dia de los muertos, teacups, bbq, general oddities, three tier cakes, and anything that sparkles.

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  1. Cait, you’re site is just fabulous! I will be checking this often, this I’m sure of. Bravo my dear!!! Happy blogging!


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