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Video Tutorial: Ballet Bun

I highly recommend purchasing a hair donut. They cost less than $10, but make an invaluable difference in your bun.

+ They come in all shades to perfectly blend in your hair.

+ They come in several sizes so you can achieve the look you want.

+ The texture almost mimics velcro, so your hair is held securely against the donut–no embarrassing slips!

You can find hair donuts at Sally’s Beauty Supply or (if you live in nyc) Ricky’s. I, however, ordered mine (the one in the video) from amazon. You might have to play around with sizing to find one that works with your hair. For thin, fine, medium length hair like mine, I recommend opting for a smaller size. If you have longer and/or thicker hair, you can increase the donut size.

Some women try to achieve this look using a sock , (they cut the toe off and then roll to form a homemade donut), but I generally think this is a bad idea. First of all, a sock is too squishy to give the tight uniformity of a traditional hair donut. In addition, the hair can slip very easily on a sock making visible to the entire world you have a faux-bun. Furthermore, it’s very difficult to match a sock to your hair color, so when hair slips happen they are glaringly obvious.


Skip your Starbucks run tomorrow and get yourself a real hair donut!



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